Our Work

  • 4Sale


    4Sale is Kuwait's top classified service. 4Sale started as a mobile app, and has steadily gained traction and...

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  • Q8Car


    Q8Car is Kuwait’s top car exchange web portal. After witnessing accelerated growth, Q8Car was faced with the challenge...

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  • Fatakat.com


    Fatakat is Egypt's top community website for women, and one of the top 1000 most visited websites globally....

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  • Mazad Q8

    Mazad Q8

    Mazad is Kuwait's top auction listing website based on community interaction. As one of Kuwait's top sites with...

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  • Estabena.com


    estabena.com is a leading property listing service that strives to facilitate the communication process between buyers and sellers,...

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  • Genesant Technologies, Inc.

    Genesant Technologies, Inc.

    Genesant Technologies provides web based personalized diet, exercise and social hosted applications for their customers and clients. At...

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  • Reminder Desk

    Reminder Desk

    Reminder Desk is a unique service based in New York that allows service Providers to connect with their...

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  • Endeavor Egypt

    Endeavor Egypt

    Endeavor is a global organization that helps entrepreneurs grow their businesses into success stories. Endeavor Egypt approached Technivance...

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  • Backstage Partner

    Backstage Partner

    Backstage Partner, based in Boston, MA provides IT consulting services and development service to their clients in the...

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  • Al Ahram Beverages

    Al Ahram Beverages

    Al Ahram Beverages is one of Egypt's leading beverage producers and distributors. They needed a way by which...

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  • Al Ettihad Egypt Party

    Al Ettihad Egypt Party

    Al Ettihad needed to showcase its programs, intentions and general ideologies on the web in order to be...

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  • Marei Orchards and Nursery

    Marei Orchards and Nursery

    Marei Orchard and Nursery grows citrus trees and sells them to their clients. They approached Technivance to build...

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  • Talabatna


    In the heat of the Egyptian Revolution, a young group of professionals (including the founder of Technivance) decided...

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  • Diwan Bookstores

    Diwan Bookstores

    Diwan is one of Egypt’s most popular and widespread bookstores. Technivance has been working with Diwan over the...

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  • Mashroey


    Mashroey provides micro-finance and second-hand sales services to their customers. Due to increasing demands and logistical complexities to...

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  • Easytrav


    Easytrav has a vision of providing foreign and Egyptian users with access to travel resources on the internet....

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  • Yalla Move

    Yalla Move

    Yalla Move, based in Dubai U.A.E. provides low budget location moves for its customers. Yalla Move reaches its...

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  • Aya Home Textiles

    Aya Home Textiles

    Aya Home Textiles is a leading textiles manufacturer in Egypt. Aya HT was looking into selling their products...

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  • Dr. Hossam Badrawi

    Dr. Hossam Badrawi

    Dr. Hossam Badrawi is a leading political figure in Egypt who has always been true to his word...

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  • Nile Badrawi Hospital

    Nile Badrawi Hospital

    The Nile Badrawi Hospital is one of Egypt’s best and largest private hospitals. Technivance has worked with NBH...

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  • United Nations Development Program

    United Nations Development Program

    The UNDP has a large presence in Egypt where it deals with many NGOs and governmental organizations. Technivance...

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  • Nefertari


    Nefertari Body Care is a leading beauty products manufacturer in Egypt. Nefertari were looking into selling their products...

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  • Medicare


    Medicare is Egypt’s first ever Health Management Organization. Technivance has worked with Medicare over the years to help...

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  • Onsi Sawiris Scholarship Program

    Onsi Sawiris Scholarship Program

    The Scholarship program needed a way by which to allow its students and graduates to network effectively with...

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  • Future Energy

    Future Energy

    FEC is the leading company in the Middle East & North Africa region serving the renewable energy industry,...

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  • Cairo University – Faculty of Medicine

    Cairo University – Faculty of Medi

    The Obgy Department at Cairo University recently underwent a massive renovation project and started operating a new state-of-the-art...

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  • MOVE Foundation

    MOVE Foundation

    The MOVE Foundation for Children with Cerebral Palsy is an Egytian non-profit organization that endeavors to improve the...

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  • Jubail


    Jubail is a real estate developer building a compound in the luxurious 6th of October district. They approached...

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  • Globoil


    Globoil is a market leader in the design, installation and maintenance of water and waste water treatment systems...

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  • Tareeq Al Nahda

    Tareeq Al Nahda

    Tareeq Al Nahda maps out strategies and methodologies by which education in Egypt can be a vastly improved...

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  • Sakr Arabians

    Sakr Arabians

    Sakr Arabians is one of the Middle East's most well known and coveted Arabian horse breeders. They needed...

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  • TKG Interiors

    TKG Interiors

    Turn key group provides their clients with interior design solutions. They approached Technivance to build them a corporate...

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  • Kindermusik Egypt

    Kindermusik Egypt

    Kindermusik is a unique way of teaching young children through music and dance. As a newly started company...

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  • Sowar Online

    Sowar Online

    SowarOnline approached Technivance to build an online photo exchange site geared towards photographers. Through the site, users can...

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