We understand that requirements often change, and that teams require constant feedback. With our agile management methodology, we are very well-suited to work with complex and fast changing organizations.

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Cross Platform

In today's fast-paced always-online environment, customers expect their service to work throughout all their commonly used platforms. Our experience in working with a multitude of platforms will enable your customers and help grow your organization.

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Our team is used to building and managing platforms that serve millions of customers. Whether it is a web application, a mobile app, or an enterprise storage solution, we have the expertise in building and maintaining highly scalable solutions.

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We provide custom development services covering the entire life cycle of web, mobile, and desktop applications.


Our range of products cover needs of the local and regional e-commerce market through SaaS offerings.

Turnkey Solutions

We will build your product, see it through to production, and then continue to maintain it, manage it and adapt it.

Key Technologies

  • Web
    MVC, .NET, C#, PHP, Ember js, HTML5, CSS3, Magento, Wordpress, and more...
  • Mobile
    iOS, Android, Objective-C, Java, HTML5, CSS3, REST Services, and more...
  • Databases
    SQL Server, MySQL, MongoDB, DynamoDB, RDS, SQLite, and more...
  • Servers
    Windows, Linux, IIS, Apache, Nginx, and more...